Don’t let your disability hold you back!

As you may know I’m on a home study course to do Copywriting. I made the error of signing up without asking if there are any materials that I may not be able to access because of my disability. 

My disability is deafness. Deafness varies from person to person so I can only speak about my particular needs in detail. I need to be able to lip read or have subtitles if there are videos or podcasts. How can I lip read with a podcast you say? By asking for a transcript so I don’t have to struggle guessing what the podcast talks about.

These are a few ways of supporting a deaf person like me. I’m grateful that everytime I ask for help the college has been able to allow my needs to be accessed. 

How has a college or university helped your access needs? If they haven’t why not?

Lianne Herbert


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