Mariah Carey is a diva…

(Not a writing related post) 

The doors opened at 6:30pm at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. She was meant to come on at 8pm. The lights were off as a DJ played some tunes. All of a sudden after trying to get the crowd going the flood lights turn back on?!

What’s going on here? Why are we waiting? Some people have paid loads for Mariah Carey to be here performing on the stage. If I have to wait more than 1 and a half hours I will be demanding my money back!

It feels strange having the flood lights on waiting for the concert to begin. It kind of ruins the atmosphere being able to see the audience at the other side of the arena. 

I hope she’s worth the wait as I’ve heard some not too good reviews after buying the tickets.

Maybe Mariah wants us to drink so that we forget the wait.


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