I want to sing…

I’m deaf and I want to sing. I want to sing like a professional. I’ve had singing lessons before but I need to refresh my memory on exercises to do etc. 

I also need a teacher who is deaf aware so that I can learn more.

‘Why do you want to sing?’ I hear you ask. Because it’s been one of my lifelong dreams. I’ve played the piano to ABRSM Grade 7 standard but I felt it was the wrong instrument for me. Something wasn’t quite there for me… I have since stopped playing the piano.

I also want to sing to give D/deaf people a voice. A voice that will be heard. I will sign as well at the same time so that many D/deaf are included. 

Chris Fonseca’s quote makes me want to realise this dream:

‘I can because I can, 

I can because I want to, 

I want to because you said I couldn’t.’

I was told before by a music teacher to not bother to learn how to sing… I want to prove them wrong. Can you help?


Background Noise

It’s something I’ve always wondered how hearing people deal with. Background noise. Those who have difficulties with their hearing are not able to ignore it like a hearing person. 

If the deaf person wears hearing aids then depending on how the hearing aid is programmed it can make the background noise amplified. This is not fun – it makes oral conversations harder to follow and in turn makes the deaf person more tired as they have to concentrate more to block it out.

There are many things hearing people take for granted. Especially social events where noise is a part of the situation. I myself prefer quieter places but then that could mean meeting in a library when outside your home…

If the deaf person looks tired or pretends to hear what you are saying just remember to ask yourself ‘Is there too much background noise?’ If so, what can be done about it?