Starting my organic/natural journey

I have for several years been interested in concocting my own hair and skin products. 

One time I made a mixture that didn’t work. It stung me on the initial use but I carried on using it until my skin broke out in a rash. I felt ugly and wanted to hide my face. But alas I couldn’t as life had to go on.

Since starting two courses this month on skin/hair care and aromatherapy I have awakened my interest in this field. One of the books in the reading list – The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood – I realised I bought in 2013 when I wanted to help my own illnesses organically. I have yet to buy the essential oils that have been recommended to always have at home along with the right carrier oils.

I have never worn makeup religiously. The most I’ve done is worn mascara on and off which made me have blurred vision and itchy eyes. When I wear makeup it stings my skin and I have to take it off right away. This to me was a sign to not buy any. Plus when I was growing up makeup for black people was scarce.

I wish to continue my education from my hands on beginners courses on aromatherapy and skin/hair care. I have seen courses online but that means studying on my own again. I already write in isolation the majority of the time so I crave human interaction every now and again. It also means I can make friends with like minded people. 

I would love to have my own business where I incorporate my writing skills, copywriting skills that I am currently learning and interest in organic/natural products. I feel that this is the way forward to me. It may take a few years to achieve this but Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Oh and I will still sing in my spare time!