Why do I choose not to sing in public?

It’s hard work being a musician. You have to rehearse everyday or you lose your talents that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. I should know being an ex pianist.

I got to ABRSM grade 7 standard on the piano but my heart wasn’t in it. Was it because I was forced to perform pieces for an exam that had been selected by the exam board? I couldn’t choose a piece of music that I listened to for pleasure or danced to in private for my graded exams.

I do appreciate the training that I had whilst doing these exams. It taught me loads about my personality and aspirations. But it took me a while to be true to myself. I knew I wanted to be a singer.

I have had opportunities to sing in public by doing a solo performance on the piano whilst singing and by being in a choir. I enjoyed it immensely. However, being locked away in the rehearsal room is gruelling and can make you curse yourself for not being perfect all the time. You have to train your body to reach those particular rhythms or pitch no matter the instrument you play.

I thought I would enjoy performing more if I could sing and sign at the same time. Unfortunately I feel like time is running out. It’s another new set of skills I would have to learn and I still need to pay the bills. I’m not a teenager anymore who doesn’t have a care in the world. I have to remember this fact.

I would still like to perhaps write song lyrics for a trained professional to sing. My passion for music hasn’t waned just how I choose to react to it in a professional way.

I will stick to my other creative projects. Be it playwriting, copywriting or writing stories. Amongst a million other things!


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