Dreams of a deafie 

I watched the premiere of Strictly the musical in Leeds yesterday. I can honestly say I was blown away! The amount of energy everyone had, including the sign language interpreter, was mind boggling.  

At times I didn’t get the full story as the interpreter was at the side of the stage whilst the main action was in the centre. There was a bit of dialogue and singing plus, of course, plenty of dancing. This is something I hope will be rectified in future theatre performances. Finding a way to have the interpreter actually on the main stage. Gosh the skills the interpreter may need, being able to dance, act, sing and sign at the same time!  

‘Dreams of a deafie’ is something that I envisioned after reflecting on the show. It will have the core message of overcoming adversity because of their disability. I hope it will serve as a reminder to disabled people that they can do anything given the right support and opportunities. People, particularly the young, need this kind of positive message.

I never had disabled role models as I was growing up and I aim to create something to give to the young. It will also be a reminder to those who feel stuck in a rut. There are times in life you have a dream but don’t know how to achieve it. People may laugh at your dreams so you settle for less. You settle for what makes your soul cry everyday with sadness instead of happiness.

I feel that my niche in writing is developing. It’s becoming clear that I’m obsessed with music. ‘But you’re deaf!’ I hear you cry. That didn’t stop me learning the piano to ABRSM Grade 7 standard. I now look at the piano and my fingers longing wanting to play like a pro. I however, had a niggling feeling that the piano wasn’t for me. It did teach me how to persevere when you feel like giving up. Mainly because I had exams or performances to give.

‘Dreams of a deafie’ is loosely based on my own experiences. I’m sure there are many deaf people who can relate to it. I intend to make it a short film first and perhaps develop it into a deaf musical. A deafical – yes I made that word up! Who knows what the future will bring. Stay positive people!


6 thoughts on “Dreams of a deafie 

  1. I would love to be in the Deafical!! I wear a hearing aid in 1 ear and completely deaf in the other, and I only know limited sign language so I rely on lipreading hell of a lot! Ive just started up my blog and I would love it if you had a look and left a comment of what you think (good or bad!). I’m obsessed with music too but I don’t know what to do with it!! xx

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    1. Do what your heart tells you. I know when people tell me not to do something I do (within reason!) Like when my parents told me not to go to music college as I had a place at university – I went.

      Yes I no longer practice the piano but I still am passionate about music. I also feel I’ve learnt many transferable skills! Hope this helps? X

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      1. My problem is that I don’t know what my heart tells me right now! I love writing so much but I don’t want to go back to university as I don’t like it , and Its so hard to get a big online audience to earn money from blogging. But I also love music and would love the chance to learn how to create digital music etc. x

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      2. If you’re honest in your writing, the audience will come to you and the money will follow.

        Try to get support when doing more studies from the disability team. Also you can do it – I’ve studied some digital music! X

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  2. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not in this for the money at all. I just love writing and I really want to create more awareness of the day to day life of my level of deafness- which sometimes applies to ALL levels of deafness too. I did have some support, but it was mainly my anxiety holding me back, and I could not STAND the sympathy and pity looks tutors gave me. I also experienced discrimination from one awful woman who shouted in my face and spoke to me like I’m an idiot (Deaf and dumb stigma!). I complained and she left shortly after that and didn’t return. I don’t think I want to go back to university again though! x

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    1. That’s the best response a writer can say – I’m in it for the art, not the money! People can tell when you just want money…

      Sounds like you may need counselling – ‘Sign Health’ organisation may be able to help you.

      You’ll always get some person thinking they can treat you like so – they aren’t deaf aware. People like us hope to change that one toe at a time.

      University isn’t for everybody! X

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