Happy regular Tuesday everybody!

Valentines Day can often remind you of failed relationships, especially when single. I for one am one of these people.

I was in a long term relationship- long meaning it was most of my adult life. I’ve been single for over two years now and it’s only now I feel ready to move on. I guess I’ve not been able to address a lot of things since having a young child to look after. You put them first no matter what.

As the only one in my circle of mummy friends who’s single I often used to envy them as they could have children with the same partner. Now I’m happy for them as it shows real love is possible.

I saw the Yorkshire Evening Post yesterday about the show Naked Attraction wanting people from Leeds. I laughed at the idea of myself applying. Me naked on national TV?! Heck no! I’d rather travel to London and go on First Dates…

I’d just say for the singles out there, don’t despair – now is clearly not your time. You just need to be in a steady relationship with yourself first before committing to another.

Have a happy regular Tuesday! 


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