Is it any wonder why I get depressed?

I have quite a few regrets in life. When I start thinking about these regrets it only gets me depressed. I have to hold my head up high and say ‘it’s ok. It really is’.

Is it any wonder that I get depressed every now and then given what I’ve revealed recently in my blog post? That and other things like having low self esteem has led to putting up with certain occurring situations. Thankfully I had enough self respect to dump my ‘friend’ as I knew it wasn’t how you treat people. Once was enough. 

I’d guess a lot of my low self esteem has come from not knowing how to handle my deafness. How to assert myself by saying ‘hey I’m deaf – don’t treat me like that’. I may have had that confidence if I wasn’t bullied at school for being different. But hey ho, in recent years I guess I have learnt to be alone and not try to fit in anymore. I’ve survived severe bouts of depression and this means I should be able to get through anything life throws me.

Here’s to trying to move on from the past but still using that crap for artistic reasons for plays and the likes.


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