I wish to improve myself, do you?

A tweet on Twitter by @GraceFVictory ‘Don’t get side tracked with what other people doing. You are in your own damn lane with no traffic. Stay focused on those winding roads 💗’

The amount of times people, well close family, tell me that writing isn’t a real job so I must forget my dreams. 

The amount of times I’ve nearly given up but the universe tells me I’m on the right track by surprising me with delightful writing related news.

The amount of times I stress myself out wondering how I will provide for myself and my toddler in the future. The answers are all in the subjects I wish to train myself in. Copywriting and social media marketing. I have already enrolled on these home study courses. I just need to motivate myself again…

You can be so busy comparing your life to others that you waste the person you are. You are on your own journey. Not theirs. Don’t forget that.


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