Deaf and dumb? I think not.

I feel D/deaf people are the same as hearing people when it comes to wishing to improve their job prospects. However, how can many D/deaf people do this when the adequate access isn’t provided?

I seem to always be studying. If I’m not studying I’m reading or watching tv whilst quietly working out a creative project. Only in my spare time when motherhood duties doesn’t beckon me. It’s like I’m always working and never seem to sleep soundly at night. I have enrolled on a few home study courses. They are copywriting and social media marketing. I think that this will help to fund my creative side and allow me to possibly afford another day at nursery for my toddler.

But when the access isn’t there, how do disabled people enhance themselves? Luckily I’ve chosen subjects that revolve around reading. I’m fortunate that I can understand written English to a high degree. Those who struggle well where are the BSL translations or transcripts for podcasts? It always seems to resort back to money. Money, money, money. If I had the money I would help others like myself but for now I have to help myself before helping others.

It seems disabled people’s cries are falling on deaf ears when it comes to access in all areas of life. Then the government wishes to penalise us for being disabled by cutting needed fundings and projects? How is that fair?

It feels those who are privileged and non-disabled won’t argue on our behalf unless affected themselves for whatever reason. Be it their child, mother, father or another relative who is affected by being disabled in this unfriendly world.

Education is incredibly important and without it how can one achieve success in life? 

So please don’t call us ‘deaf and dumb’ when you fail to provide access to us all.


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