Confrontation to my rapist ‘friend’

So I decided to send ‘Dear rapist ‘friend’, thank you!’ to the man, boy, eejit who raped me. I have had him blocked on Facebook and I believe his phone number too.

I had to block him on Facebook before as Facebook listed him as a ‘Person you may know.’ Thanks Facebook(!) I unblocked him the other day and spur of the moment led me to send him a message via Messenger. I used the ‘Dear rapist ‘friend’, thank you!’ letter and made sure every swear word was spelt out.

As we’re not friends on Facebook the message went into his ‘other’ folder for him to accept or decline. He had the instant message symbol next to his profile picture. I sent it at 1:18am as that’s how much he still preyed on my mind.

About 12 hours later I checked his Facebook profile and I couldn’t find it! This means he’s been affected by my message and can’t pretend he ain’t read it! Even though my message has not been accepted I know he’s read it. Why block someone after being contacted by them out of the blue?

I know others have done the same to their rapist(s) when no longer seeing them physically through a quick search on Google. Some were a similar story to me – thinking they couldn’t have been raped by someone they knew.

Anyhoo I feel even more insisted to write RagDoll and tell the world this difficult subject. These people are broken to do such an act. Also don’t EVER think for one second after reading this article think that it was your fault that the rape happened. You will somehow learn how to live with the trauma. I am slowly by writing about it.


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