The moment I realised I’m deaf again

I went to a hearing event last night on my own as I just needed to get out. This is difficult being a single mum and all that. The hearing event was an open mic music night in a bar. When I first went in I was greeted by noise. I chose to step out of my comfort zone and persevere anyway. 

I soon sat down at a table and somehow joined in on the conversation with three people. I was mainly able to join in as one person was animated in her actions as she was speaking. I still only got snippets of information though to be able to join in. I did explain to them that I had a hearing problem and wouldn’t be able to hear everything they said. They said they understood and said yes it’s a noisy place. But I’m guessing it was their first encounter with a deaf person as they carried on just the same. 

The venue had many reflective surfaces and no carpet or any materials that would absorb sound. I’ve never been there before and I’m guessing I won’t be going back in a hurry. Even though I was sat next to someone I couldn’t hear a damn thing they said. Music was going on, projected by speakers and yet the others on the table managed to hear what he was saying?! 

That’s the moment I realised I’m deaf yet again. It depresses me so having deafness and people aren’t deaf aware or know any sign language.  

Our sign language awareness has improved in some respect but people like Jamie Foxx appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show and mimicking sign language recently shows people still haven’t grasped the need for sign language. Or that many deaf people rely on a basic communication need.  

It all feels like deaf awareness is falling on the hearing persons deaf ears and they are not pulling their finger out to learn sign language or become deaf aware fast enough. 

Campaigns for teaching British Sign Language as a GCSE at school is seemingly taking forever to gain traction. Why won’t British parliament consider that we need British Sign Language to be recognised as a language? 

When will hearing people realise that being deaf is not a joke? We need access to basic communication needs just like you.  


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