I want to sing…

I’m deaf and I want to sing. I want to sing like a professional. I’ve had singing lessons before but I need to refresh my memory on exercises to do etc. 

I also need a teacher who is deaf aware so that I can learn more.

‘Why do you want to sing?’ I hear you ask. Because it’s been one of my lifelong dreams. I’ve played the piano to ABRSM Grade 7 standard but I felt it was the wrong instrument for me. Something wasn’t quite there for me… I have since stopped playing the piano.

I also want to sing to give D/deaf people a voice. A voice that will be heard. I will sign as well at the same time so that many D/deaf are included. 

Chris Fonseca’s quote makes me want to realise this dream:

‘I can because I can, 

I can because I want to, 

I want to because you said I couldn’t.’

I was told before by a music teacher to not bother to learn how to sing… I want to prove them wrong. Can you help?